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, crashes due to any kind of distracted driving will continue. in washington, i'm lindsay mastus. >>> last year dc police issued 11,871 citations for driving while talking or texting on the phone. be honest. do you use your phone when you're behind the wheel and does it make a difference if your kids are perhaps in the car? join the conversation at dc.momslikeme.com. >>> the ongoing pedal problem. a look at the latest on toyota's massive recall and what's being done to fix it. >>> and that all important snowy weekend forecast. you'll want to keep it right here. thanks for coming back out. sure. i think you might have hooked it up wrong, though. yea, we're getting way too many channels. no, no. that's -- that's standard. fios also comes with 11,000 free movies and shows on demand per month. ah, standard. gotcha. a certain somebody says "thank you". tell him "he's welcome", but it's still standard. he's happy to be back with his friends. is he? [ male announcer ] hundreds of channels, thousands of movies, and three times more very satisfied customers than comcast. this is beyond cable. this
themselves. >> i'm audrey barnes in southwest washington. where investigators are looking into an accident on the red line this morning that claim the lives of two more metro workers. >> the two workers were on foot doing maintenance and were struck and killed on the track just north of rockville this morning. may were hit by a maintenance crew riding the rails in reverse. >> the community cation between the operations control center and all of the employees involved is one of the critical elements we are going to be including into our investigation. that is something we will be pursuing. >> victims are metro veterans. been with the transit agency since 1998. jeffly gerard since 1990. >> our hards go out to the families of the individuals who passed today. it's a very, very sad day for us all. >> the four workers have been interviewed and drug tested, results are due back in a few days. >> and jeffrey's widow tells 9news now, her husband loved his job and his family and she simply cannot believe he is gone. >> it's just a bad dream and at what point am i going to wake up? >> metro's
'm excited and honored to be the head coach of the washington redskins. i promise you i won't disappoint you. i will give it everything i got. >> this man is proven to be one of the most consistent winners in the history of the nfl. today we are staring at a man that the new york times once said he dares to be great. >> reporter: and two interesting things missing from this introductory press conference today. they usually bring out the super bowl trophies. those were not out on display and dan snyder did not sit at the podium. he said nothing, just sitting in the front row taking it in. >> we will see how the off season and regular season unfolds. i wonder what else will happen in sports tonight. i can't imagine. sara walsh and brett haber, we will have updates tonight at 11:00 p.m. for now, derek, back to you. >> we know if something happens the two of you will be on it. >>> catching up with fans today who still seem a bit skeptical about the team's chances. >> how many coaches will it take? >> very skeptical. we need to get rid of a lot of the dead weight on the current redskins team. we
: the family's house is being rebuilt and they plan to return. in northeast washington, i'm lindsey mastis, 9 news now and wusa9.com. >> the dc fire department went back to the neighborhood around jackson street today to check and hand out working fire detector. >>> the 9-year-old boy seriously injured when a tree fell in westminster has died. noah austeed was hit by a hickory tree on tuesday. they were getting ready for a hike when the tree came do you know. the 10-year-old girl also injured in the accident was treated and released from the hospital. >>> a gray day to start off 2010. check with devon lucie on the weather terrace for the forecast first. >> the winds are starting to pick up outside. getting a little breezy. it will be down right windy once we go overnight to tomorrow morning. wind speeds 20 miles an hour. in gaithersburg below that. 9-mile an hour breeze and these are from the northwest. checking out the temperatures northwest of here as winds will usher in whatever blows over if it will be warmer air or rain and snow, brings that in and those colder temperatures are heading o
administration a response to the quake. lara logan is in washington. she is our chief foreign affairs correspondent. lara, good evening. how would you characterize the response so far? >> reporter: harry, it's pretty much what you'd expect the response to be to a domestic crise of this kind of-- nature. the administration has come out very forcefully on this. in fact, the state department has set up a 24-hour operations center to coordinate all the interagency efforts, and at the same time, the president came out again this morning, his second specific public appearance on the haiti crisis. he was flanked by senior members of his cabinet, and he used very strong language. he said he has directed the response to be aggressive, swift, and coordinated. he also made it very clear that he's not prepared to tolerate or put up with any mistakes at a time of crise of this nature. secretary of state hillary clinton and secretary of defense bill gates, they both cut short trips to the pacific to specifically devote their attention to this. so it's been quite striking in how aggressive and force
, and certainly open. there's nothing off the table. >> reporter: i'm scott broom in northeast washington outside sven guard high school where students will return to school tomorrow without a mystery being solved about who may have brought a gun in to school today. >> the 3rd period, and police swarm the svenguard high school with overwhelming force. >> a security guard was patrolling the build, the interior of the building, near the second floor near a stairwell. she observed a subject that she described as a black light- skinned male with what appeared to be a handgun protrudeing from his pocket. >> reporter: 500 students were evacuated to the school's sxur fenced in football stadium. >> it's very unusual. you know, there's no evidence yet that the person had the weapon; but at the same time, you've got to take all precautions. >> they just because they check the front doors. people can check the side door and let you know. i mean -- >> there will be additional security added this evening and for the next couple of weeks in and around the school. the circumstances of what happened today are be
on the same sense of responsibility in washington that so many of you strive to uphold in your own lives and own business. >> the president saying the government will also do more to hold contractors accountable for following employment and environmental laws. >>> while the president was signing that bill, of course lady michelle obama was greeting white house visitors. today marked the one-year anniversary of the historical obama inauguration and we sent our own keith williams out to hit the streets and gauge public reaction to the president's first year. >> i, barack obama -- >> we were very filled with hope. >> i was crying most of the time. >> do solemnly swear. >> i had such high expectations and i was just so excited and it was just such an historic moment for this country. >> remember that day? so many flags, such high hopes. >> i think i'm disappointed in the whole health care situation. >> at eastern market we sample some opinions of the president's first year. >> all of the efforts that he had made to slow down the erosion of the economy have helped tremendously. >> it just see
to find out, i want to know if i know the person or not. >> i'm lindsey in northwest washington. the stylist for the salahi's testified before a grand jury today here at u.s. district court. >> inside, we understand they met with the secret service along with u.s. attorneys. they met with the grand jury around 2:00. by 3:00, they were done. >> called to testify as back witnesses. >> we aren't told what they spoke about, but we know it all stems from the night the salahi's entered the white house uninvited. the day of the event, the salahi's spent hours being groomed at irwin gomez's salon. two stylists worked on her hair and makeup. >> this is a very stressful time for all. it is very much respected time that we have to show respect for the justice system. >> i'm peggy fox in arlington, where virginia has enacted a new texting ban, but advocates against distracted driving say it's not tough enough. >> we are going back to richmond this year and say come on, you can do better. >> even though virginia has a new ban on texting, it's a secondary offense, meaning an officer ca
a washington post report. one that included crittenton loading his firearm. >> the entire nba, anyone who con tuckets himself in that way should be gone. >> reporter: meanwhile, the word is surfacing that the event could have been caught on tape. when contacted, the team source said there are no cameras inside the lock r room and the dc police would not confirm is excise the tape. >> until all of the people are interviewed, nobody is going to comment on the tape. >> reporter: the large sign on sixthth street with the words commitment, character and connection. >> i have worked in this build for the last four years. personally, i would take it down. >> reporter: 30 minutes later, she got her wish, the team removed the sign. davis owens 9 news. >>> so the question is, what do you think should happen to gilbert arenas? guns are a very serious matter. the address is mailbag@wusa9.com. don't forget to include your name and where you are writing us from. >>> justice delayed. the honor student accused of plotting against president obama. plus, more metro problems. they are in the red and if they wan
9.com. >> i'm sara walsh, today in northwest washington, 37 days after gilbert arenas brought guns into the verison center locker room, the league layed down its law. both will be suspended without pay for the remainder of the season. it's a punishment arenas asked the commissioner for. he met with stern yesterday, according to the post, arenas inquired about the possibility of having the remaining four years of his contract voided. >> when something serious like this happens, you know, people have to be responsible for their actions, and bringing guns into the locker room, bringing guns into the workplace, is not a responsible act. >> we are exploring all our actions. we haven't made any decisions to this point. >> the worst may be still to come. he will be sentenced on march 26. >> nba commissioner issuing a statement that reads in part, quote, the issue here is not about the legal ownership and possession of guns, it is about possession of guns in the nba workplace, which will not be follow rated. i've met separately with mr. arenas, both have expressed remorse for their acti
's notorious state dinner. >>> i'm bruce leshan in washington. where there are new signs tonight, of holes in the security bubble that is suppose to protect president obama. >> mr. and mrs. salahi. >> reporter: the secret service just admitted that a third uninvited guest found their way into the white house state dinner. the secret service said that they have yet unnamed that name and befriended members of the indian delegation at the william hotel invited to the state dinner by one of them. and they were actually driven to the white house for them in a state department van. >> and apparently, there was a group for them that was under our responsibility. and they went from the local hotel to the white house. and a person that is not authorized to be in that group there. and to show that for themselves in that group. >> this individual could have been, you know, an assassin. he could have been wanted for murder. he could have been involved with terror. that's the reason why you do the background check and they didn't know the background check. >> i'm armando at beach creek. where police, t
in washington, d.c. >> reporter: for the first time in a decade, the majority of those moving to the district are now coming from abroad. and district births have risen for more than 8,000 per year. they now face two challenges. first, how to capitalize on the surprising goal for this population this year. and second, how to keep folks moving back from the suburbs once the economy gets better. in columbia heights, 9news now and wusa9.com. >>> the population of the district, however, is still much less than the nearly 1 million people that live in both fairfax and montgomery county. >> yes, absolutely. he was very easy on how the conversation was. i think it was absolutely perfect. >> they gathered to remember the life of the local pastor. >>> temperatures hovering right around the freezing mark, add more rain on top of that which is just wanting a winter weather advisory to give you full details in your forecast. >>> standing outside the memorial in alexandria where preparations are underway for the first night, the new year's eve festive it is -- festivities are coming up. >>> 2010, less tha
to small businesses who are hiring. >>> well about 50,000 people lost their jobs in our washington, d.c. area last year but at the same time we have seen tens of thousands of good jobs created within the federal government. sounds like a match made in heaven, but as jessica doyle shows us actually landing one of those government jobs can be a hell of a process. >> if you are interested in government service, no better place to be than in the dc area. >> reporter: max is ceo of partnership for public service, a nonpartisan non-profit focused on the federal work force. he says if you are looking for a federal job be in it for the long haul. >> government jobs are great jobs, but it can be a bear getting there. be prepared for a very challenging process. one that is very difficult, that can take a very long period of time and that is what i would call nontransparent meaning you don't know where you are in the process. >> reporter: the job search process could get easier. next week they are relaunching usa jobs.gov the website that lists job openings and starts the screening process for f
football league. >> we love you, after 32nfl seasons, 15 of them with the washington redskins, joe bugel is calling it quits. the 69-year-old says it's time for him to be with his family. he coined the name, the hogs. returning to the organization for second stint at joe gibbs request. he says now, he plans to spend sundays drinking bloody mary's and watching football games. >>> gay couples will get to apply for marriage licenses. the same sex marriage bill is expected to go into effect, but couples will not be able to get married because there's a waiting period. march 8 will be the soonest the gay couple could tie the knott in dc. >>> virginia governor, tim kaine delivering his final state of the commonwealth address. the state tight budget, virginia is facing a $4 billion short fall. today was the first day of virginia's general assembly session. >>> the economy is also dominating the agenda in maryland. governor martin o'malley is coming up with new ways to avoid foreclosure. maryland is facing a budget deficit of roughly $2 billion. >> montgomery county wants to put the brakes on d
that they might have spent on something else. in most washington, scott broom, 9 news now and wusa9.com. >> and just for your information, crude oil closed today at nearly $83 per barrel. >>> coming up, topper is back with the weekend forecast. keep it right here. are you making it easier for bacteria to grow on your dentures? you are if you use toothpaste instead of soaking them in polident toothpaste is abrasive on dentures look, scratches where bacteria can collect and grow and bacteria can cause bad breath that's why i recommend replacing toothpaste with polident only polident is proven to clean without scratching and kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria don't scratch your dentures clean use polident every day >>> it's that time of the year. people start to hit the gym and go back on their diets and we spend a lot of money on services that promise to help us reach those weight loss goals. what work and what are we spending? we get advice from experts on winning by losing weight in 2010. >> one of the common questions is how do i lose weight. >> reporter: you can call it the $58 bill
on adoption. >>> this is kind of sad. we have to say good-bye to one of washington's favorite sons, tai shan, over the national zoo, the big panda, a big boy now as well. zoo keepers have watched him grow up. remember, he was born back in '05. fedex is building a custom made steel crate for tai and another female panda named mei lan who is in atlanta right now. for the 14.5 hour flight to china, that happens next thursday. still, its fans love him and don't want him to go. >> yeah, it will be sad to see him go. it'd be nice to see him, trade for eagles or something, you know, isn't there something that they would like to keep him and breed him here. but rules are the rules. >> reporter: indeed they are. >>> a public farewell party for tai shan is scheduled for this saturday. if it snows, we'll talk about that, it'll move to sunday. well there you go. so topper, will they need to move the party for tai shan? >> it will be drawing the snowfall accumulation for what, seven days now? >> yeah, there you go. >> the storm is 2,000 miles away. we'll show you a map of what we'll think will -- what we
detail. >> mr. crittenton bought a lawful handgun into the washington wizards locker room, only because he legitimately feared for his life on december 21st of last year. the gunman has acknowledged the handgun was not loaded and he never threatened anyone with it. it was legally purchased, but bringing it into the district of columbia violates a strict gun control law. >>> the wizards released a statement in the last hour regarding these charges. it reads, the charges filed today against crittenton, his subsequent plea, represent another disappointing development in what's already been a long and frustrating process for the team, the nba and most importantly, our fans. javaris clearly used very bad judgment and now will face the consequences of his actions. as for gilbert arenas, he pled guilty to a felony gun charge ten days ago for his part in the incident. he will be sentenced march 26. >>> the supreme court will no longer block the execution of a virginia man accused of killing and raping two sisters in manassas. the justices temporarily delayed paul warner powell's execution in ju
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